12 Days of Dentistree!

Hi critters, Oswald here!

It’s 12 days of dental tips, from Children’s Dental Care!

  1. Make healthy choices: We know this time of year is filled with treats and goodies galore! Here is your friendly reminder to make healthy eating choices for kids. Try not to leave that fruit platter left alone, and don’t forget to give the cheese plate some love at your family gatherings! Sprinkling in some “good for your teeth” type of food can go a long way with the health of your smile.
  2. Stay Flossy: you know how to stay cool this Christmas season? To floss daily of course! Floss like a boss is our term we love to use. Daily flossing helps to stimulate gum health and clean out debris from in between those pearly whites.
  3. Rinse after treats: We aren’t here to tell you to stay away from all those holiday treats, but we are here to say; rinse your mouth out with water after consuming sugar!
  4. We love water: Make sure to stay hydrated between all that egg nog and hot coco! Water is the best drink to choose when in between meals. The less frequent the sugar intake is, the less chance of dental decay!
  5. Grab a brushing chart: Stay on top of your brushing over the Christmas break by downloading one of our brushing charts!
  6. Travel with your toothbrush: Many of us are traveling this holiday season. What a fun time to be spending with family and friends. Remember to pack your oral health essentials when traveling. This includes your toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste!
  7. Use Fl2 whenever possible: We recommend choosing a toothpaste and a mouth rinse, both with fluoride in it. The proper intake of daily fluoride can help strengthen teeth a provide a barrier towards cavity bugs!
  8. Be careful when sledding! Ice and snow can be oh so fun…but be careful of those teeth! Slipping on ice can cause quite the incident, so take extra precaution to be safe. But if anything goes awry, here are some helpful tips. Don’t hesitate to give Dr. Wully a call at Keene office Phone Number (603) 357-6385!
  9. Chocolate over sugary treats: Who would have thought your dental office would tell you to eat more chocolate!? Although chocolate is also filled with sugar, the consistency of chocolate is a lot less harmful than ooey-gooey treats. Try to avoid chewy candies like skittles, starbursts, and sour candies 😉.
  10. Stay in your routine: Try to remain in your normal oral health routine when on break. It is hard to remain on schedule, but we don’t like to mess with the health status of your oral cavity!
  11. Scare away those sugar bugs: Brushing away those pesky sugar bugs on a daily basis is KEY to keep them away from eating away at your teeth.
  12. Schedule your new year dental cleaning and exam: With the new year right around the corner, make sure to schedule your appointments with us to set you off on the right foot this year! Happy holidays!

Stay flossy,