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Offering Gentle and Positive Children’s Dentistry for a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

Children’s early experiences in the dental office can have a lasting impact on their lives, well into adulthood.

The more positive, worry-free, and nurturing those experiences are, the more likely your children will grow up feeling at home in the dental environment.

At Children’s Dental Care, Dr. Blake Wullbrandt – aka Dr. Wully – and our team understand the important role we play. With every interaction, we ensure children know they are safe, heard, and valued.  Some children have difficulty overcoming their fears and behavioral challenges. We understand that helping such children is a process, and we are committed to patiently engaging in that process.

In building trust, we help each child gain the confidence and knowledge needed to maintain a lifetime of oral health. Upon graduating from our office (at age 21) our young adult patients are well equipped to keep their smile healthy and strong!

Make dental visits an adventure for your little ones!

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A Different Kind of Dental Office

We have served the children of southwest New Hampshire since 2002, building a reputation as a family-friendly office providing top-notch care with a personalized touch. Each visit and every procedure is geared to the child: comfortable, efficient, effective, and compassionate – and hopefully ending with a big smile!

  • After Dr. Wully completed dental school at the University of Colorado School of Dentistry, he chose to pursue a post-graduate residency and certification in pediatric dentistry. Those additional two years of rigorous study and training concentrated on the specific dental needs of infants through adolescents, including preventive care, treatment for dental injuries, nutritional and habit counseling, and behavior management. In addition to his extensive training and experience, connecting one-on-one with children comes naturally as Dr. Wully is a father of five and currently a grandfather to six amazing grandchildren. He takes great joy in all children, family and patients alike.
  • Our practice is limited to specialized dentistry for infants, children, teens, young adults through age 20, and those with special needs (including adults). We have the training, tools, experience, and dedication to provide your child with quality, personalized care, tailored to their clinical and emotional needs. Beyond our professional skills, we genuinely love what we do. We spend our days enjoying the energy and excitement children bring to our lives.
  • Dr. Wully and our team members are patient and kind. We take time to develop a rapport with each child, happily answering all their questions with age-appropriate language, and using a Tell-Show-Do approach during checkups and treatment. With positive reinforcement, practical education, and lots and lots of encouragement, we ensure children are excited to keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy.


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Dr. Wully and our team look forward to welcoming your children, and you, to the Children’s Dental Care family. Please contact our Keene, NH pediatric dental office, serving southwestern New Hampshire, Brattleboro, VT, and surrounding communities. We’d be glad to answer your questions and schedule a visit for your young family members, today!