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The Bad Breath Battles

Hi critters, Oswald here! Today we are going to chat about something that isn’t all sunshine and roses…in fact it doesn’t even smell like sunshine and roses! It is halitosis. Now, that is a big word, but it has a pretty simple meaning. Halitosis means, bad, really bad, super stinky, super duper smelly breath! Yikes! […]

Apples, Carrots, and Yogurt…OH MY!

Hi critters, Oswadl here! Happy Spring! We have been “busy as a beaver” as one may say around here. The ponds are defrosting, and spring has sprung. Foraging has begun and it made me think…I should share my healthy eating tips with all my friends. And that means YOU! We all know that eating healthy foods = […]

There’s No Rush When You Brush

Hi critters, Oswald here! We have made it to the part of the year where life just seems to fly right on by. Even with life moving at full speed, we all need to make sure we stop, slow down, and spend time on oral health care. This means that we need to give our […]