Boom, Boom, Pow!

Hi critters, Oswald here!

Boom! Crash! Shriek! Crunch!


Oh dear, oh dear! What a day it has been with my rambunctious beaver bunch. My kids were wrestling by the beaver damn (yet again), but took it a little too far this time. It is all fun and games until someone looses a tooth! And not just any tooth…an adult tooth! What to do, what to do, their mother and I thought…and then…light bulb! I remembered what steps Dr. Wully said to take when an accident like this occurs, and I wanted to share the tips with all of you!

Step 1: Stay calm and don’t fret! It is easy to get worked up in a situation like this. Remember, the calmer you remain, the calmer your child will remain too. Coach your child along with soothing words and deep breathes. Trust me; it can go a long way.

Step 2: Handle the tooth by the crown only. This is the top part of the tooth. Do not touch the roots of the tooth so that further damage is avoided.

Step 3: Gently rinse the tooth with milk or water. Milk is the number 1 cleansing choice, with water being number 2.

Step 4: Keep the tooth moist. You can do this by slipping the tooth back in the socket or by placing the tooth inside your mouth between your gum and cheek. If the child is too small, then this could be a choking hazard. In this case, keep the tooth submerged in a cup of milk instead.

Step 5: Time is the most important factor in a situation like this. It is best to get to your dentist within 1-2 hrs of the accident to give the tooth the best possible chance of survival. Remember, the more time that goes by, the survival rate of the tooth drops.

Lucky for us, we are regulars at Children’s Dental Care! We were able to get in to see Dr. Wully and his dental assistant within 45min. Thank goodness our lodge is near 😉 My family is so grateful that we could give our son the best chance of tooth survival!

Accidents happen all the time, especially with kids. It is best to be prepared for anything!

Stay flossy,