May your smile be merry and BRIGHT!

Hi critters, Oswald here!

May your teeth be merry and BRIGHT this holiday season! Sitting back in the office I hear patients ask for advice on whitening products all the time. The market of tooth whitening products can be very overwhelming. How do we know which one is best? Which one is enamel safe? Which ones actually work? Well, that’s where I come into play! I know everyone wants a whiter, brighter smile. Here are some at home options below that are not only enamel safe, but also effective! Please check out our Dental Product Recommendations page for links these teeth whitening products.

Crest 3D white strips: Crest is a very well-known brand amongst dental professionals. They are an ADA (American Dental Association) approved company. These whitening strips are an easy to use at home whitening option. The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, which carries out the tooth whitening goal. This is also an enamel safe option. These strips can get your teeth up to 20 shades brighter! And the non-slip strips are not messy and easy to use.

Lumineux strips: These whitening strips are a non-toxic, limit ingredient tooth whitening option. They are made up of coconut oil and lemon peels. These strips are ideal for those who have sensitivity with their teeth. They are certified sensitivity-free, whoopie!

Opalescence pre-filled whitening trays: These are a simple whitening option that also uses hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient to whiten teeth. These trays are made up of a unique and adaptable material that conforms to any smile. These make it an easy option because you can get professional whitening results in the comfort of your own home. They also have a low sensitivity rating. They are pre-filled, which equals mess free! We love that!

Crest 3D white strips with LED light: This kit from crest includes the whitening strips, and an LED light. This light helps to weakens stains that are present on the teeth. In turn, this helps accelerate the effectiveness of the whitening strips because they can penetrate through the stains more easily. This is a faster way to whiten teeth at home, and enamel safe!

I hope that is helpful for all you critters looking to brighten up those smiles this season! And remember, to keep them bright, brush day and night!

Stay flossy,