The Bad Breath Battles

Hi critters, Oswald here!

Today we are going to chat about something that isn’t all sunshine and roses…in fact it doesn’t even smell like sunshine and roses! It is halitosis. Now, that is a big word, but it has a pretty simple meaning. Halitosis means, bad, really bad, super stinky, super duper smelly breath! Yikes! Okay, okay I got a little carried away there with the description, but halitosis is a fancy word for bad breath. Don’t worry, as I was telling my other beaver buddies, there are a lot of remedies to turn bad breath around.

  • Brush and floss every day, without skipping a beat! Plaque, debris, and biofilm can accumulate on your teeth in as little as a few hours. By keeping up with your brushing and flossing, you keep that area clean. If not, that debris attracts bacteria, and that leaves you with a stinky mess.
  • Tongue scrapper– who has heard of a tongue scrapper!? These are handy little tools to help keep you tongue clean. They are horseshoe shaped, or you could say, the shape of a beaver’s tail! They can be plastic, metal, and or even can be included on the back of your toothbrush handle.
  • Mouth rinses– A good anti-microbial mouth rinse can be great for many things, one being to kill bad breath! Therabreath makes a mouth rinse that is geared towards killing sulfur-producing bacteria, which are often responsible for bad breath.
  • Water, water, water! I have another cool word for you to learn- Xerostomia! This is a fancy word for dry mouth. When the mouth is dry, the production of saliva is decreased. This can also lead to bad breath. An easy and free way to combat this is by increasing your daily water intake.

There you have it, critters. All the info you need to combat the bad breath battles! Good luck!

Stay flossy,

Oswald 😊