There’s No Rush When You Brush

Hi critters, Oswald here!

We have made it to the part of the year where life just seems to fly right on by. Even with life moving at full speed, we all need to make sure we stop, slow down, and spend time on oral health care. This means that we need to give our teeth some love, every time we brush! Did you know you should spend at least 2 minutes brushing, 2x a day? The average person only spends about 45 seconds brushing their teeth…YIKES! For your teeth and gums to remain healthy and strong, brushing in slow, small, circular motions is the key to success. A goal of spending 4-5 seconds brushing each tooth is a great goal to have! And… always remember to get the back sides of your teeth too. Rotating your toothbrush so that the bristles are behind the teeth will ensure all sides of your teeth were touched.

If two minutes is a challenging goal to reach, try these toothbrushing tips below:

  • Pick a fun song to brush to! Did you know that “Happy Birthday” played twice is the approx. length you need to brush for?
  • Use a toothbrush timer. Once the sand runs out, time is up!
  • Have a story read to you while you brush to make the time soar by!
  • Download a fun toothbrushing game on your phone such as the Sonicare Kids App.

Encouraging great brushing habits is best tackled at a young age. Picking out a fun toothbrush and toothpaste together can be a great way to encourage oral health.

After all, there is no rush when you brush, so why not make it FUN!

Stay Flossy,

Oswald 😊