Oh Baby, Oh Baby!

Hi critters, Oswald here,

Oh baby, oh baby!

It is important to introduce your little one to the dental office at a young age. At Children’s Dental Care, we always stress that good habits are what keeps your oral health in check for years to come.

This means that scheduling your baby’s first dental appointment should occur after their first tooth erupts, or no later than their 1st birthday. And don’t worry, the first visit is a simple one! During this visit, you and your child will get to visit our office, meet our team, and of course, have a checkup from Dr. Wully himself. With anything new may come some tears. This is a completely normal response from your child. After all, everything is new to them! The more we can make these visits a habit, the easier they become for you and your child. We will introduce your child to our dental “tools”, play with our dental toys, brush, apply fluoride if you desire, and have a Dr. exam. That’s it! Easy as pie!

Other areas where we will check are:

  • Review your child’s medical history
  • Have an oral exam to check oral growth and development, oral hygiene, injuries, cavities, or other problems.
  • Check for tooth decay, or early signs of tooth demineralization
  • Clean your child’s teeth and show you how to properly clean your child’s teeth at home.
  • Review fluoride intake and proper fluoride levels for you child.
  • Discuss teething, pacifier use, or finger/thumb sucking habits.
  • Discuss treatment if needed and schedule the next check-up to come back and visit us!


It is best to stay ahead, and not wait until an emergency arises to meet your dental home!

Stay flossy,