Let’s SEAL the Deal on Dental Sealants!

Hi Critters, Oswald here!

Have you ever felt like you had food stuck in your back teeth? Even after all the brushing and flossing, there still seems to be food stuck back there? In our back molars, we have grooves that sit on top of the teeth. These grooves can be a magnet for food. The grooves are so small that food and debris can easily be trapped inside them. This can create a problem that leads to dental decay!

Dental sealants have become a staple for preventive care. But, what is a dental sealant? And are they safe for children?

A dental sealant is a white colored resin liquid that is light cured onto teeth. Fun fact, this is the same type of material that is used in the tooth-colored fillings! This material is a safe and effective way to protect the teeth from getting any debris stuck inside the grooves. Most modern-day sealant material does not contain BPA, including ours at Children’s Dental Care!

We highly suggest dental sealants on all 6- and 12-year-old permanent molars. Sealants are most effective in preventing decay when they are applied as soon as the molar erupts. This way, our hygienists can apply the protective coating on the teeth before any decay starts to form. This process is easy and can be done during one of your dental check-ups with us!

So, how long do these dental sealants last? Studies show that sealants can protect a tooth from dental decay for up to 10 years after placement. In fact, I still have my sealants from 13 years ago! With proper placement and care, sealants can last a very long time and continue to provide the cavity fighting benefits.

We can’t wait to SEAL out tooth decay and keep your teeth cavity free at Children’s Dental Care!

Stay Flossy,