How to Prepare your Child for a Dental Visit

Hi Critters,

Oswald here!

Growing up is a fun and adventurous time for you and your little ones! Part of growing up is getting new teeth. Whether your child comes to see us when their first tooth erupts, or you get a little later start, I have some tips to share with you to help them have a smooth, fun visit here with us!

  1. Start early
    1. Habits are best formed at a young age. Introducing 6-month routine dental care visits as early as their first birthday is ideal.
  2. Avoid using specific terms
    1. It may seem helpful to use terms such as “Don’t worry”, “It won’t hurt”, “It won’t be scary”, “Nothing to be afraid of.” While these terms may sound comforting, what your child ends up hearing is “worry”, “hurt”, “scary”, “afraid.” Using terms to put a positive spin on the experience are preferable.
  3. Terms to use
    1. Utilizing terms that help explain the dental appointment are more appropriate. Dr. Wully will “count” your teeth and we will take tooth “pictures” too! Kiddos can help us “brush out the cavity bugs” at every hygiene appointment. Getting children engaged from the beginning creates a feeling of comfort and accomplishment once they complete their task.
  4. Positive vibes only
    1. The more you as the parent can use positive words at dental visits, the easier it can be for your child. Making them feel brave and special is the key. Studies show that parents can pass on their dental anxiety to their children, so best to be mindful if the dental office isn’t your favorite place.

We look forward to seeing you and your children at their next visit!

Stay flossy,