Dental Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

Hi Critters,

Oswald here! It was an exciting week in in the sticks of NH. We witnessed a total solar eclipse out here, the next not coming to this area until 2079! And boy, was that cool. We got to wear those fancy glasses, and I even had a chance to get outside and watch it with some of YOU!

Speaking of cool things, let’s go over some cool dental facts today. I was shocked by some of the facts, and I bet you will be too!


  1. The most expensive tooth in 1816 belong to Sir Isaac Newton. One of his teeth sold in London for $3,633, which would be equivalent to $35,700 today!
  2. There are more bacteria in the human mouth than there are people on the Earth.
  3. The first toothbrush was made up of wild boar bristles. Today a toothbrush’s bristles are made of nylon.
  4. Brushing along misses 40% of your tooth surfaces—that’s why you need to floss.
  5. False teeth were first made up of porcelain and animal bone.
  6. Americans go through more than 3 million miles of dental floss every year. Now that’s a fact that we like to see!
  7. In ancient times, baby teeth were thought of by having protective qualities to scare off bad spirits.
  8. Blue is the most popular toothbrush color purchased in the USA.
  9. The machine that made “fairy floss” (AKA, today’s version of cotton candy) was co-invented by a dentist. The irony!
  10. Coconuts have the ability to lower the risk of developing gum disease as they are a natural anti-bacterial.
  11. Studies show that you can recognize a smile from up to 300 feet away.
  12. When a dinosaur lost a tooth, he grew a new one.
  13. Giraffes have black tongues, woah!
  14. George Washington’s teeth were not actually made from wood, they were actually made up of gold, ivory, lead, donkey and hippopotamus teeth!

Now look at that! You just gained so much knowledge you didn’t even know you needed. Feel free to pass these cool dental facts along to your friends so they can be super smart too.

Stay flossy,

Oswald 😊