An Apple a Day…

Hi critters, Oswald here!

We all know the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? But what about the dentist? Can an apple a day keep the dentist away too?

You may have heard already, but apples are often referred to as nature’s toothbrush! Why? Apples can be responsible for making your gums stronger, healthier and happier. Apples contain a large amount of vitamin C. This means that apples can help fight against infection, gum disease, swelling, and bleeding. Cool huh?

So, what about apples earns them the prestigious title, “nature’s toothbrush”? Well, fiber, of course! Fiber is a key nutrient in any healthy diet, including a beaver’s diet! The skin of an apple is firm. This firmness will stimulate your gums anytime your teeth bite into an apple. The skin of an apple is so important! Make sure you think of all those health benefits before you peel your next apple 😉.

We all know plaque is wack, right? What if I told you that in addition to gum health, apples can also clean the plaque off your teeth!? I’m not saying this replaces your toothbrush; however, it is a great, healthy snack option that is both good for your oral health and your systemic health. Eating apples can reduce levels of harmful bacteria in your mouth, as well as stimulate salivary flow. The more saliva you produce, the less risk you are at for tooth decay!

Lastly, apples are filled with potassium as well. This is a key element to build and maintain strong and healthy bones. Raise your hand if you want to be strong, healthy, and harmful bacteria-free!? Me, me MEEE!

So, as we dive into the crisp fall season, make sure you stop and grab a healthy snack and celebrate nature’s toothbrush!

Stay flossy,