29 Ways to LOVE your Teeth!

Hi Critters, Oswald here!

29 things we love about teeth

February is a special month here at Children’s Dental Care! It is the month of love and we want to celebrate with you with 29 things we can do to LOVE on our teeth! Why 29? In addition to it being the month of love, it is also a leap month! We have 29 days this February to show our love for our teeth and our oral cavity!

  1. SMILE! A smile goes a long way, so don’t forget to show case those teeth!
  2. Nourish them. Whole foods are the best foods when it comes to your teeth. Reach for those apples, carrots and celery sticks!
  3. Be gentle. Remember to be gentle with our oral tissues. Brush in slow, gentle circles to avoid traumatizing any tissues.
  4. Spend time with them. Spend time with your brushing routine. We recommend staying on each tooth for 5 seconds.
  5. Love every side. Brush the top, the back, and the front of every tooth!
  6. Make a date. Make time for your brushing routine every day. Set a time and stick with it.
  7. Keep stress levels to a minimum. Did you know that stress levels can show up in your mouth? We can see if you are clenching and grinding at night. Keeping stress at bay can keep the stress cracks away!
  8. Use quality dental products. Look for the seal of approval from the ADA when purchasing dental products to assure quality.
  9. Treat them with kindness. Be kind to your teeth by nourishing your body well.
  10. Water is best. Water is a key factor to maintaining a healthy smile. Water helps keep oral tissues from drying out. The more water consumed = the less likely you are for tooth decay.
  11. Stay on track. Stay in your routine, even when you don’t necessarily want to!
  12. The magic of re-mineralizing. Using a fluoride or a hydroxyapatite toothpaste is key to prevent teeth from demineralizing. When teeth start to demineralize, cavities are starting to form. Using an aid to help re-mineralize them is very important!
  13. Keep texture in mind. Texture is a game changer when it comes to the health of your teeth. Stay away from foods that are soft and chewy. These foods can easily get caught in teeth. Foods harder in texture can be a safer option.
  14. Sour or chocolate? Sour candy is the arch nemesis of any oral cavity. The sour sugars and the sticky texture are not a good combination. If we were to recommend a candy to indulge in from time to time, it would be chocolate.
  15. Make it count. There is no point in brushing if the technique is off. Make brushing count but dedicating enough time to brush every day. Speed brushing does not cut it!
  16. Refrain from the stain. Drinks such as coffee and tea can leave pesky stains on our pearly whites. Try to limit these types of drinks so you can refrain from the stain. If you do have one, make sure to brush after.
  17. Get in between. Flossing is just as important, if not more important than brushing. Floss is the only way to clean between teeth. You can try different flossing tools such as string floss, floss piks, and water flossers. Find what you like best and go for it.
  18. Combat decay. Tooth decay happens, even to the best of us. What many don’t know is that cavities are contagious. Cavities can spread, especially from baby teeth to the forming adult teeth. It is important to get the disease taken care of so we can prevent the spread of oral disease.
  19. Swish, swish, swish! The mechanical motion of using mouthwash can help loosen debris, and the fluoride in the wash can help re-mineralize the teeth. Always a good idea to use mouthwash after brushing at night, before going to bed.
  20. Travel smart. Make sure to protect your toothbrush from germs when traveling! Use a toothbrush case, or you can easily cover the head with a plastic bag to protect it. Make sure to let you brush fully dry out before securing for travel.
  21. Carbonation, yay or nay? When it comes to carbonated drinks, we are a nay. Carbonation can slowly decrease the microhardness of the enamel, which can leave teeth more susceptible to tooth decay. Plain water is best!
  22. Give your tongue some love too! Don’t forget to brush your tongue. Bacteria can congregate on the surface of your tongue and cause bad breath…pee yew! Make sure to brush that tongue everyday with your tooth brush or a tongue scrapper.
  23. Brush the gums! Remember to gently brush over gum line to remove debris and to stay away from gingivitis.
  24. Annual x-rays are the way! X-rays are a key tool to use when diagnosing teeth. Just like you wouldn’t diagnose a car without looking under near a hood, it is best to diagnose any cavities by getting the full picture.
  25. Saliva stimulation = chew sugarless gum! Did you know chewing a sugarless gum can be beneficial for your mouth? It helps stimulate saliva production which in turn can help prevent decay. Chewing a gum with Xylitol in it can help to put minerals back into your tooth enamel.
  26. Be a-frayed*. Once you see your tooth brush bristles start to fray, it is time to toss the brush a get a new one. Once the bristles are frayed, they cannot clean as well.
  27. Start em’ young! The AAPD recommends bringing your child to the dentist 6 months after the eruption of their first tooth. During this exam, Dr. Wullbrandt will examine their teeth and oral structures, while their hygienist will educate parent and baby on early tips for a healthy smile.
  28. Get examined! It is important to have a dental cleaning and exam every 6 months. Prophylactic care is key for prevention.
  29. Have a goal, and aim to reach it! We love making goals here, and challenge you to make goals too! Aim to brush 2x a day, floss daily, and eat right to nourish your teeth! After all, we want to show our teeth some LOVE!