Off the Cusp...With Oswald!


SEP 2022

Hi Critters, Oswald here! 

Welcome to my new blog, “Off the Cusp” with Oswald, I am so happy you are here.

For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Oswald the beaver, and I run this place…okay, okay fine, I don’t run this place, I leave that up to our dentist, Dr. Wullbrandt. However, I do hang out here, and get to be part of the family at Children’s Dental Care. Some people refer to me as the mascot of Children’s Dental Care…but I think I am much more than that. You see, I run special contests, have a No Cavity club, and I even have t-shirts with my face on them…pretty cool huh?!  

Anyway, I am here to tell you about my new blog. Every month I encourage you to check back here, as I will have new dental topics to talk about. I have tips and tricks that I am excited to share about brushing, flossing, nutrition, new dental tools, and much, much more! This will also become a hub to talk about new contests, giveaways, and of course, my No Cavity Club. 

In the meantime, I can’t wait to meet you all. You can find me hanging out in front of the brick wall in the back of the office. I always have a toothbrush in my hand, ready to say hello to all the critters that come to visit. “Oswald’s World of Healthy Smiles” is my moto, and I cannot wait to share my tips towards happy, healthy smiles with all of YOU! 

Have a great week and remember to keep it flossy!


OCT 2022

Sugar free drinks are OK for my teeth, right?

Hi Critters, Oswald here!

Earlier today I was at the lodge talking to some fellow beaver friends. We got talking about…get this…TEETH! You know us busy beavers, always on the go. Many are drinking loads of energy drinks, sports drinks, and fruit drinks with ZERO sugar! Sounds great, right!?

Drinks with zero sugar can actually be just as harmful to your teeth as drinks with sugar in it. Why is that? Although energy drinks can have low or no sugar in them, they are highly acidic. This means every time an energy drink is consumed, your mouth and teeth get an “acid bath.” Yuck!

The normal resting pH level in your mouth should lie at around 7. This is considered neutral. The closer the pH gets to 0, the more acidic it is. Energy drinks, regardless of sugar content, have a pH at about 2. Every time a sip of an energy drink is consumed, the pH level in your mouth drops. This leaves enamel susceptible to dental erosion and decay.

So, the next time you think about purchasing drinks that are branded with “Zero Sugar”, think twice about the actual acidity of the drink. Remember, marketing can be a powerful thing, but being educated and informed can help you keep those teeth for a lifetime!

Healthy drink choices:

  • Water (always my number one recommendation!)
  • Milk
  • Tea (unsweetened)
  • Sparkling Water

Stay Flossy,