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Hollie - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Hollie started as a dental assistant in 1999 in a general dental practice. In 2002, she decided to serve the community in a pediatric setting. She joined Children’s Dental Care as the first and only dental assistant. Working out of a small room at Cheshire Medical Center with Dr. Wully, transporting all of the supplies, and anxiously waiting for the office to be built, she became Dr. Wully’s right-hand girl.

Hollie has been working closely with our special needs patients since the opening of the practice in 2002. Since the arrival of her Down’s syndrome son, Logan, in 2010, her love and understanding has only increased.

Hollie is very professional, outgoing, and friendly. She enjoys working with the children and easily earns their trust. Her sense of humor and wonderful attitude make her an awesome team member. Hollie likes seeing kids make it through treatment even when they are scared, by gaining their trust and helping them understand that we are fixing their teeth. It is rewarding when the kids can look back and see how they have grown and changed and they can see how they have been able to overcome their fear. Hollie loves hearing the variety of answers she gets when she asks kids, “How’d you get so cute?!”

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys spending her time away from work with her family.
  • Loves cruising around in her convertible with her son Logie
  • Is fascinated by sharks and wants to go shark diving one day
  • Favorite Color: Lime Green
  • Favorite Disney Movie: “Up”

Debbie - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Debbie has been with Children’s Dental Care since its beginning! Her official title is “business manager”, but she is much more than that. Over the last 13 years she has had many different roles and worn lots of different hats. Her skills have been essential to the success of the office and ultimately the positive experience of bringing your child to Children’s Dental Care.

As our business manager, her calm and collected personality is a wonderful asset to our busy practice. Debbie is always ready to assist parents with needs pertaining to scheduling, payment, insurance or anything else business related. She essentially is what keeps this office running and her skills as a manager are invaluable!

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys cooking, glass art, quilting, and spending time in her pool and hot tub
  • Loves pampering and playing with her granddaughter Mya
  • Favorite Color: Purple (plum)
  • Favorite Disney Movie: “Beauty and the Beast”

Flor - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Flor came to Children’s Dental Care as an assistant in 2011. She was born in El Salvador and received her dental technician certificate in Mexico City. In 2005, Flor continued her dental studies with a course in dental assisting in Worcester, MA. With certificates in hand, Flor spent four years assisting in a general dentistry office before coming to us.

Flor is a huge asset to our office. Her enthusiasm and compassion overflow to those around her. She loves kids and enjoys interacting with them. She specifically likes seeing the different personalities and seeks to make kids who are afraid feel comfortable. She is passionate about gaining the kids’ trust, so that they are not scared the next time they come back. Ultimately she wants kids to have good teeth and a nice smile!

Fun Facts:

  • Speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and English
  • Enjoys reading, writing songs, hiking, and spending time with her husband and three children.
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Disney Movie: “The Jungle Book”

Donna - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Donna joined Children’s Dental Care in April 2011 as a certified dental assistant. With twenty years of experience in general dentistry, she decided a change to pediatrics would be a rewarding challenge. Her knowledge and passion for the dental field makes her a great team member.

Her fun-loving personality is enjoyed by those around her. As a result, kids naturally enjoy engaging in conversation with her. Her favorite part about children’s dentistry is hearing what the kids have to say. They will say anything and it is very refreshing! They are so innocent and honest, and you never know what you are going to get.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys running, reading, boating, relaxing at the beach, spending time with her husband John, and participating in her children's (Nicholas and Maddie) extracurricular activities
  • Pets: Roxy (pug), Scout (yellow lab), Luna (momma cat)
  • Favorite Color: Turquoise
  • Favorite Disney Movie: “Inside Out”

Kristen - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Kristen joined Children’s Dental Care as the receptionist in August of 2012. Previously she taught 3rd and 4th grade at Dublin Christian Academy. Several summers were spent as the office manager at Camp Wa-Klo, a girls’ camp in Dublin.

Kristen is good at helping parents feel at ease during their child’s treatment and is always upbeat and encouraging to the children when they are afraid. She is passionate about helping parents and patients feel comfortable by making them feel at home. Ultimately she wants them to feel sincerely helped.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys reading, sewing, cooking, singing, and being with her church family
  • Sings as a member of the Peterborough Chamber Choir where she puts into practice her college degree in music education
  • Loves spending time with her husband and stepson
  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Favorite Disney Movie: “Snow White”

Oksana - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Oksana joined Children’s Dental Care in May of 2014 as a dental hygienist. She was born and raised in Ukraine and received her DH degree from the University of New England in 2012.

Oksana enjoys sharing with children the importance of oral hygiene and the impact of an unhealthy diet. She loves to emphasize “why it is so important to brush and floss, not just how but WHY!” Being sincere and compassionate, Oksana has a passion to comfort children who have a fear of dental visits and she thrives working in challenging situations.

Fun Facts:

  • Speaks Ukrainian, Russian, and English
  • Enjoys traveling, fitness, yoga, and golfing
  • Favorite Color: Light Blue
  • Favorite Disney Movie: “Finding Nemo”
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