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Cathy is our clinical office manager, and she excels in everything she does. She is a skilled hygienist as well as a master at relating to children, kindly and authoritatively teaching the ways of the tooth brush and floss. Cathy has three wonderful children: two human and one canine. She is selfless and caring inside and outside of the office and her infectious smile is sure to make you feel welcome. We are so thankful for her self sacrifice and commitment in all circumstances. She is sure to leave a lasting impression on your children’s teeth and character.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys: Time with family and friends, knitting, and gardening
  • Favorite Color: All bright colors
  • Favorite Disney Movie: Ratatouille
  • Pets: German Shepherd named Jetta

Oksana - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Oksana joined Children’s Dental Care in May of 2014 as a dental hygienist. She was born and raised in Ukraine and received her DH degree from the University of New England in 2012.

Oksana enjoys sharing with children the importance of oral hygiene and the impact of an unhealthy diet. She loves to emphasize “why it is so important to brush and floss, not just how but WHY!” Being sincere and compassionate, Oksana has a passion to comfort children who have a fear of dental visits and she thrives working in challenging situations.

Fun Facts:

  • Speaks Ukrainian, Russian, and English
  • Enjoys traveling, fitness, yoga, and golfing
  • Favorite Color: Light Blue
  • Favorite Disney Movie: “Finding Nemo”

Kristen - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Kristen is now the Office Manager after joining Children’s Dental Care as the receptionist in August 2012. Previously she taught 3rd and 4th grade at Dublin Christian Academy. Several summers were spent as the office manager at Camp Wa-Klo, a girls’ camp in Dublin. Kristen is good at helping parents feel at ease during their child’s treatment and is always upbeat and encouraging to the children when they are afraid. She is passionate about helping parents and patients feel comfortable by making them feel at home. Ultimately she wants them to feel sincerely helped.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys: Reading, sewing, cooking, singing, teaching flute, teaching Sunday School, and being with her church family
  • Loves spending time with her husband and stepson
  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Favorite Disney Movie: “Snow White”


Caitlin joined Children’s Dental Care in 2017. She has extensive training in dental assisting from her previous job at an oral surgeon’s office and has transitioned into pediatrics seamlessly. Caitlin excels at and thoroughly enjoys making kids feel comfortable and easing them into a positive dental experience. Caitlin’s daughter keeps her on her toes being involved in things like gymnastics and dance.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys: Reading, cooking, and the beach
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Disney Movie: SING
  • Pets: Two Cats


Devin is our wonderful receptionist whose sweet personality is complemented by her southern charm. Coming from Alabama, Devin moved to NH to become a registered dietitian. She is very helpful to all the parents on the phone and in the waiting room. Her demeanor helps parents and kids alike feel calm, warm, and fuzzy inside. We love Devin!

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys: Cooking, warm weather, and spending time with friends
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Disney Movie: Tangled


Zach has been with us since 2015 as a dental assistant. He is studying biology at Keene State College and has aspirations to be a dentist! He has taken dental assisting courses in Preliminary Oral Inspection, Infection Control Practices, Nitrous Oxide Monitoring, and Dental Sealants. Zach loves to sing around the office and has a blast chatting with and getting to know the kids and their parents.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys: Sports, skiing, coaching baseball, cold weather, hiking, singing, goofing, and keeping fish in his 4 aquariums at home.
  • Favorite Color: Baby Blue and Orange
  • Favorite Disney Movie: The Incredibles
  • Pets: 50+ Fishies
  • Favorite Disney Movie: “Snow White”


Amy is the Practice Manager and has taken on a huge responsibility in recent times. Her behind the scenes contribution to the structure and functionality of Children’s Dental Care is invaluable. We appreciate all that she does in bringing everyone together both inside and outside of the office. Amy is an extraordinary people person and planner. These two qualities collide as she plans fun events and coordinates much for our community here in this office and with other surrounding offices and doctors. Amy has five children and two grandchildren that she loves to spend time with and pamper. Although not every patient will come into contact with Amy, rest assured that your positive experience has been touched and facilitated by her influence.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys: Spending time with her kids and grandkids
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Disney Movie: Cinderella
  • Pets: Gisela (a Neurotic Weimaraner), Boaz (a Yellow Lab), Rosie (a Horse), Chloe (a Cat), Chickens, and Bunnies

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