Meet the Team

Kristen - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Kristen joined CDC as the receptionist in August 2012 and moved into the role of office manager in September 2017. Previously she taught 3rd and 4th grade at Dublin Christian Academy. Several summers were spent as the office manager at Camp Wa-Klo, a girls’ camp in Dublin. Kristen is good at helping parents feel at ease during their child’s treatment and is always upbeat and encouraging to the children when they are afraid. She is passionate about helping parents and patients feel comfortable by making them feel at home even when the discussion surrounds account balances and insurance. Ultimately, she wants them to feel sincerely helped.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys: Reading, sewing, cooking, singing, teaching flute, teaching Sunday School, and being with her church family
  • Loves spending time with her husband and stepson
  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Favorite Disney Movie: Mulan

Zach - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Zach has been with us since 2015. He is currently in dental school at the University of New England, but loves to still be involved in the office and continues to help out when he can and is home. He has taken dental assisting courses in Preliminary Oral Inspection, Infection Control Practices, Nitrous Oxide Monitoring, and Dental Sealants. Zach loves to sing around the office and has a blast chatting with and getting to know the kids and their parents.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys: Sports, skiing, coaching baseball, cold weather, hiking, singing, goofing, and keeping fish in his 4 aquariums at home.
  • Favorite Color: Baby Blue and Orange
  • Favorite Disney Movie: The Incredibles
  • Pets: 50+ Fishies

Kim - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Kim is one of our wonderful hygienists and we are so thankful for her bright spirit and happy heart. Each day she brings joy to our team and to our patients as she has a positive attitude in every situation. Her charisma with the kids and uncanny ability to connect with them and clean their teeth is something to behold. Her motto fits wonderfully with our mission as a dental office as she is constantly reminding and encouraging us with the words “go team!” Kim is always up for a challenge and she is committed to making you and your child’s experience with us positive and successful. Kim graduated from MWCC Hygiene School in 2014 and has since then worked full time in pediatrics, general practice, and with special needs patients in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She began with us in the Spring of 2018 and we couldn’t be more excited! Kim enjoys spending her free time at the beach, playing basketball, being fit, and hanging with friends.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Color: Fluorescent Green, Orange, and Blue
  • Favorite Disney Movie: The Santa Clause
  • Pets: High colored gecko named Dentin

Amy - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Amy is the Practice Manager and has taken on a huge responsibility in recent times. Her behind the scenes contribution to the structure and functionality of Children’s Dental Care is invaluable. We appreciate all that she does in bringing everyone together both inside and outside of the office. Amy is an extraordinary people person and planner. These two qualities collide as she plans fun events and coordinates much for our community here in this office and with other surrounding offices and doctors. Amy has five children and four grandchildren who she loves to spend time with and pamper. Although not every patient will come into contact with Amy, rest assured that your positive experience has been touched and facilitated by her influence.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys: Spending time with her kids and grandkids
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Disney Movie: Cinderella
  • Pets: Gisela (a Neurotic Weimaraner), Boaz (a Yellow Lab), Rosie (a Horse), Chloe (a Cat), Chickens, and Bunnies

Benjamin - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Benjamin is the youngest and one of the brightest members of our team. He has been assisting since 2018 and has done a fantastic job jumping in to care for our patients. His tender care for each individual child shines through, and his calm yet joyful demeanor helps our kids feel comfortable and right at home.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys: Disk golf, basketball, soccer, video games, and spending time with his nieces and nephew.
  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Favorite Disney Movie: Star Wars

Rhonda - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Rhonda joined the team here at CDC in 2018, and we are so grateful for her. She emulates the qualities that personify a hygienist of the highest caliber. Her wealth of knowledge and experience mixed with her compassion and genuine care for people qualify her as a true professional. Her training includes a college degree in Dental Hygiene at the University of New England, and she has 35 years of experience as a hygienist in many different fields of dentistry. She truly fits right into the team and brings an experienced and veteran perspective to our office, and she’s lots of fun!

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys: Playing squash and hiking
  • Favorite Color: Yellow
  • Favorite Disney Movie: The Little Mermaid
  • Pets: Little rescue dog named Laci

Faith - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Faith joined the team as our receptionist and patient coordinator during the summer of 2019. From the beginning she has been patient and helpful to each patient and parent. Every interaction with Faith is positively pleasant whether it is on the phone, upon arrival, or at checkout. We are exceedingly thankful for Faith and how she contributes not only to the organization of our office but also to the overall ease of each patient's visit.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys: Hanging out with friends, drawing, and running
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Favorite Disney Movie: Tangled

Amber - staff member for pediatric dentist Dr. Blake Wullbrandt


Amber adds much to Children's Dental Care and has done so ever since she started working here as a Certified Dental Assistant in the summer of 2019. Her willingness to help with anything abounds, and she does it with a bounce in her step. If you take the time to watch Amber as she assists, you will be amazed by the connection and confidence she effortlessly develops with each patient. She never stops smiling, and words of encouragement are always on her lips. Her degree in marketing comes in handy as she is our marketing expert and the mastermind behind our social media posts.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys: Dancing, hiking, and traveling
  • Favorite Color: Black and White
  • Favorite Disney Movie: Finding Nemo


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